Free Ground Shipping: Your Item will take approximately 7-14 business days for arrival. Item will be brought to the back of the truck up to the closest curb entrance. Driver will assist you in taking the piece off the truck, however this is usually a two person job if the item is a long and heavy, a lift gate is suggestible if you will be by yourself to receive delivery. So please have a friend ready to assist you upon delivery.

Lift Gate for an additional $59: Your item will be brought to the end of the truck and lowered by a lift, then brought up to the nearest entrance. Items such as futon mattresses and futon frames do not require a lift gate. Items such as convertible sofa beds may require a lift gate if you will not have an another person helping you. Driver is only required to bring items to the rear of the truck.

Most items displayed on our website can will ship and arrive within 7-14 business days. Once your shipment arrives at the local trucking terminal closest to you. The freight carrier will call you to schedule a delivery time window and day.

Depending on stock levels, some items may take 1-2 weeks to receive.

For Questions, please call us:


Once we ship out your furniture, we will send you an e-mail with all the tracking details. You will be able to track your delivery online or contact the shipping company over the phone. When the furniture arrives to the local terminal, you will be contacted for an appointment by shipping company ahead of time so that you can plan your schedule accordingly. They will call you a day prior the delivery to make an appointment. Please contact us if you for some reason have not received shipping information.

Urban Futons ships within the contiguous United States. All deliveries are made by a carrier chosen by Urban Futons. If the customer specifies a shipping company, we will attempt to use that company.

Products that are too heavy/large to ship via the small package delivery services (e.g. UPS Ground, FedEx Ground) will be sent to you via truck freight. Truck freight is different than standard UPS, FedEx or US Mail in that you will be responsible for carrying the product from the back of the truck into your house (or wherever it's going).

The most important thing to remember about truck freight is that you MUST inspect the package at the time of delivery. If the box has any damage, or if there is any reason for you to be at all concerned about damage, please write "PRODUCT DAMAGED" clearly on the sheet that they ask you to sign. This simply insures that if there is any damage, it will be easy to take care of the problem.

If you are ordering a large item, please keep in mind that you may need a couple of people to help unload it. Alternatively, most truck freight companies offer additional services to help you move items from the truck into your house. Once we email you the tracking information you can contact the shipper directly to inquire about additional services. You would be responsible for directly paying the truck freight carrier for any additional services.


On the rare occurrence items could be damaged in shipment. You MUST inspect the product and any packaging you see at the time of delivery. If there is any damage to either the product or the package, or if there is any reason for you to be at all concerned about damage, please write "PRODUCT DAMAGED" clearly on the sheet that they ask you to sign. This simply insures that if there is any damage, it will be easy to take care of the problem.

If an item is received damaged, do not immediately refuse the item. Determine the extent of the damage and note this with the delivery person and on the delivery invoice, then call or e-mail sales within 24 hours of receipt of the item. We will ask you to email us a couple of digital pictures showing the damage, and we will work with you to resolve all issues.

We will file any damage claims necessary and get the necessary replacement parts sent out to you ASAP. You are responsible to save the damaged items either until someone comes to pick them up or inspect the damage, at our discretion. If you refuse the item, you will be responsible for the return shipping and the shipping of any replacement items plus any cancellation fees as applicable.

Return/Exchange & Cancellation Policy

At the time an order is placed, the customer receives a notification via e-mail describing all order details. It is your responsibility to verify that the information in this e-mail receipt is correct. We give you up to 48 hours to review your e-mail confirmation and reply with any discrepancies or changes at no charge. We don't accept order cancellations once the 48-hour window has passed or the order has been confirmed with the customer whatever comes first. Any cancellation of the order after this point will need to follow the cancellation policy as described below.

If you are unhappy with your purchase and would like to make a preference return, you will be subject to pay the round trip shipping costs. Although products are listed under "free shipping", the cost of shipping is built into the price.

For example. A sofa bed listed for $1000 has an estimated shipping cost between $200-$300. This means in order to do a preference return, you would forfeit between $400-$600 of the purchase.

It is important that you inspect the furniture for damages upon delivery. If an item is found defective, we will repair or replace it at no cost to you. If the damage or defect is found and claimed within 24 hours after the delivery service leaves, we can still repair or replace that item but we will charge you for the delivery service.

If due to arrangements of your home it is difficult to maneuver a piece of furniture in narrow halls, doorways, stairwells etc, we cannot be responsible for damage to the furniture, floors, or walls. We cannot be held responsible if your order does not fit into your home. You cannot refuse or return your order for this reason. If you have purchased from us a special assembly package, all the furniture must be inspected immediately upon assembly completion for damage. Only at this time can a damage claim be filed.

Mattress orders are non returnable once out of original packaging.

All custom and special orders, clearance and promotional items, items sold as-is and floor samples are final sales and cannot be exchanged or returned.

If for any reason you have not received an item within 4 weeks, and if you desire to cancel the transaction, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price at your request, provided that the item is not currently in transit to or from our shipping facility. If the item has a stated shipping time of more than 4 weeks, then the time frame necessary for cancellation to be permitted shall be the longest shipping time stated plus 25%. For example, if the shipping time is stated at 8 weeks, a cancellation will be permitted if more than 10 weeks have elapsed in accordance with the other conditions stated herewith. You must call or email us to let us know that you would like to cancel your order. Orders may not be canceled prior to receiving the items unless the terms above regarding the delivery time frame have not been met. Refused, returned or canceled shipments that are not and/or will not be accepted by the customer for any reason, including non-payment, are subject to restocking fee according to the Return Policy plus the cost of the shipping and return shipping if applicable.

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