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About UrbanFutons

Unlike our competitor websites that overwhelm you with too many products and options, I created a site that speaks the truth to the online consumer based on their needs and budget. You can’t simply judge a product based on price without knowing the value behind it to justify the price. A futon or sofa bed can cost you as little as $300 or as high as $1000, and my job is to is to explain to you why. No other site does this.

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Big Box Stores Have Ruined the Futon Industry

I'm Dr. Futonberg, professor of futonology and founder of Urban Futons. After many years of studying and working in the futon and furniture industry, I decided to create a website that focused on space saving furniture for urban living and small spaces. I discovered over the years that many people were ignorant about futons and tend to associate this type of furniture with college students and budget minded (cheap) consumers. The truth is that big box stores have ruined this industry by selling low quality knock off furniture online for dirt cheap prices. Many unhappy online shoppers have had to learn the hard way when their sofa bed or futon breaks, or simply does not live up to their reasonable expectations. To add salt to the wound, many smaller non-big box websites will sell the same inferior products along with their good quality furniture. I decided that enough is enough and it's time to educate online shoppers about the true futon industry and the benefits and advantages of these products. Urban Futons caters to all price points from low end to high end, as well as temporary or long term solutions.

Along with our line of futons, we also sell convertible sofa beds, not the pull out sofa beds. All our sofa beds can fit through small spaces, elevators, doorways, and hallways for stress free delivery. You can find a convertible sofa bed as cheap as $300 and as high as $2,500. Sofa beds priced under $300 are not worth even showing because it will not last you more than 6 months.

Dr. Futonberg's explanation of why we don't feature certain products on our website:

Cheap click clack sofa beds generally priced way under $299
cheap sofa bed click clacks

This cheap type of sofa bed is hardly worth the packaging it comes in from China. This is not to say that all Chinese manufactures make poor quality furniture. This cheap sofa bed is only suitable for small children. It simply does not hold up well for adults due to the inferior quality of materials.

Bed frames that require a box spring:
bed frames with box spring

Bed frames that require a box spring don't make sense in small spaces or urban apartments. First of all, some box springs cannot fit into elevators or make sharp turns in hall ways or stair ways. Box springs don't leave you much room to store things underneath the bed. Platform bed frames make sense because the bed frame already functions as a box spring. All you need is your mattress.

Futon frames made with wood arms and metal bodies:
wood and metal futon frame

This has to be one of the most ridiculous inventions. Metal futon frames are not designed as well as the wood frames. Wooden futon frames have wide flat slats on which the futon mattress rests. In contrast, metal futon frames have thin metal tubular slats that stick up into the mattress. The "roller" piece, which is used to convert from sofa to bed, always breaks. To simply fool the consumer by using wood arms on a metal body, and selling it a cheaper price, this does a great disservice to the futon industry. It is simply an imitation with a deceivingly attractive appearance, yet very poor in design, function and quality. Either stick to an all metal futon frame, or all wooden frame, or don't buy a futon at all.

Pull-out sofa bed sleepers:
sofa bed sleeper

Do I have to explain this one? These sofa beds are a thing of the last century. This "pull out" sofa bed takes up way too much space in the bed position, making it harder to walk around it. The mattress is thin and flimsy, and of course, most of us know about the notorious metal bar that sticks up into your spine.

Low quality innerspring conventional mattresses:
cheap mattress

Nothing can be worse than a cheap innerspring mattress. These types of mattresses have very little foam padding over the springs. Eventually what happens within a short period of time is the foam flattens and you start to feel the springs underneath. If you simply need a cheap mattress, you are much better off with a cotton and foam futon mattress with no springs. If you have a little room in your budget, it is advisable to spend the extra hundred dollars for an Istikbal mattress that won't bottom out as fast.

Urban Futons features quality futons and convertible sofa beds designed for small spaces and urban living Dr. Futonberg, our expert futonlogist, guides you through the website and gives you the inside scoop and reviews on our products.