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The Futon Has Come A Long Way

The word "futon" means different things to different people. For simplicity sake, I'll focus on the Western futon which is basically a futon mattress on a bi-fold futon frame. In the early 1990's, the metal frame futon started to make an increasing presence in the furniture consumer market. Since the metal frame futon was cheap, it became the predominant futon bought in the U.S., typically priced under $200. There were not many choices of futon mattresses to go along with this frame, except for a heavy and lumpy mattresses stuffed with shredded recycled textile mill fibers mixed in with cotton.

Best Premium Futon Mattresses

Due to the limited knowledge of futons by the average consumer, these imitations were widely adopted by college students, and placed in kids rooms and basements. The result of this metal futon frame frenzy gave the futon industry a bad rep. Today, most consumers are unaware of the stylish wood futon frames and the dozens of futon mattresses such as memory foam, innerspring, cotton and foam, and the high density foam option.

At Urban Futons you will find many options in all prices, sizes, styles, and materials. Dr. Futonberg, founder of Urban Futons, has reviewed and selected just enough options for every budget, style and function.

It's all about how you use your futon:

When it comes to the futon, it's all about function. The first question you must ask yourself is "how will I be using my futon?" Are you living in a studio apartment where you can't fit a bed and a sofa in the same space? Will your futon be used for everyday sleeping and sitting? Do you plan on opening and closing the frame often? Will the futon be used as your primary sofa for sitting, or will it go into another room, where it will only be used as a bed for occasional guests? Consider first the usage and then your budget. Not the other way around. A decent futon frame with an upgraded mattress can run you as little as $450. The price will all depend on the mattress you upgrade to. If you decide to go with a premium mattress upgrade, you will have a futon that mimics the look of a conventional sofa due to the clean boxed line edges of the mattress.

The biggest advantage of owning a futon is that you are never stuck with one look. If you stain your futon or hate how it looks, no problem! Just buy a new cover and tadda! You having a new sofa. If you get sick of your futon mattress, replace it with a new one. If you're too rough on the futon frame, no problem, you can replace that as well. You can't do this with your average sofa.

Dr. Futonberg's insight on choosing a futon bed or a convertible sofa bed, the pros & con

Futon bed pros:

  • Separate mattress making it as comfortable, if not more comfortable than a conventional bed mattress
  • Removable futon cover, allows you to always update the look without reupholstering the futon mattress
  • Ability to choose among a variety of mattresses that meet your comfort level for sitting or sleeping
  • Replaceable futon frame.
  • Comes in standard full and queen sizes
  • Easy to pack up and move. Frame can be easily assembled, reassembled, mattress can fold in half or roll up.

Futon bed cons:

  • Harder to open and close than a convertible sofa bed
  • Exposed wooden arms, may not be safe for very small children
  • Depending on the futon mattress, the seating depth may not be proportional to your height

Convertible sofa bed pros:

  • Looks more like a conventional sofa (can be more aesthetically appealing to some people)
  • Very easy to convert from sofa to bed and back
  • Some models have adjustable back rests and arm rests for lounging
  • Easy to move or deliver. Able to fit through small doorways and sharp turns. (bottom legs and or arm rests are detachable)
  • Some models have bottom storage compartments

Convertible sofa bed cons:

  • Seating cushion or mattress tends to be much firmer
  • With a small exception, most models do not have removable covers, so you're stuck with one look
  • Around 80% of the models do not come in standard mattress sizes to accommodate two adults. Most models will convert into a twin and half bed, rather than a standard full or queen size
  • Inability to change the seat cushion/mattress because it is not separate from the sofa frame
  • For the cheaper models (under $600), less longevity, 3-7 years with daily sitting or sleeping before the wear and tear to become noticeable. Premium futon mattresses will last 10 plus years.

Review from a happy customer:

"I moved to a small studio apartment in NYC and I did not have enough room for a sofa and a bed frame in the same room. I was thinking of a Murphy Bed or wall bed, but this option was a bit expensive for my budget. I thought of a pull out sofa bed sleeper, but the mattress is usually uncomfortable with the metal bar sticking up in your back. I did not have time to visit their showroom store due to my busy schedule so I scheduled a face time consultation with one of their salesmen. The salesman I spoke with, suggested a futon bed for every day sitting and sleeping. I thought futons were just for college students, but to my surprise I found that futons come in a variety of different options. The sales person suggested a sturdy wooden wall hugger frame by Strata with thick armrests and the Pulsar memory foam futon mattress by Otis. This was the best decision I ever made. Now when you walk into my studio apartment, it looks like a living room and not a dorm room. My futon package looks like a real high end sofa, and has served me well . "

Thanks Urban Futons,

Pat O'Connor,
-an urban dweller

Urban Futons features quality futons and convertible sofa beds designed for small spaces and urban living Dr. Futonberg, our expert futonlogist, guides you through the website and gives you the inside scoop and reviews on our products.