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Best rated and most comfortable convertible loveseat sofa beds for 2016 & 2017. Dr. Futonberg only allows quality convertibles to be featured on this website.

Convertible Loveseat Sleeper

Small Size Loveseat Sofa Beds

There's always a problem when it comes to small and tight spaces, especially in urban apartments. You possibly may live in a two bedroom apartment with no kids and you use the second room as a den or home office. Or maybe you live in a studio apartment, or perhaps a two- room apartment that was originally a studio...or should be called a studio. Now all your friends and family who live out of state want to come and visit to taste that sweet city life that they envy about you. Obviously buying another bed and mattress is out of the question. What you need is a small apartment sofa or a two seater loveseat sofa bed convertible sleeper (say that in one breath). These small convertible sleepers measure under 70" inches, and some under 60" inches wide, and some less than 55" inches wide which convert into a full and queen size bed. And when they convert from sofa to a bed, they only measure less than 80" from the wall to the edge of the bed. This is small living furniture at it's finest. Not everybody lives in mansions or big homes or even FIfth Avenue penthouses. Your furniture must be functional, comfortable, stylish, affordable and most important, it must fit to scale in that closet you call an apartment. All of the convertible sofa beds we feature on this website are guaranteed to fit through any apartment doorway, hallway, elevator, and stairwell.

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Shop for small convertible loveseat sofa bed sleepers. These convertible sofa beds are multi functional and space saving in design. If you are over 40 years old, you may remember the clunky Castro convertible sofa beds, with that flimsy mattress and support metal bar sticking in your back. Kiss those old clunkers good bye, and step into the new generation of convertible sofa beds.

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