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Best rated most comfortable premium futon, platform & RV mattresses, mobile home campers, tiny homes & sleeping lofts. Made with high performance foam, by Otis Bed for 2016 & 2017. Dr. Futonberg recommends this brand of mattress for the highest level of comfort and longevity.

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Are you looking for a replacement futon mattress for your frame and don't know if you have a full or queen size frame? You can easily find out by measuring the inside of the futon frame from arm to arm (do not include the measurement of the arms). If it measures less than 75" wide, (between 72-75"), you have a full size. If it measures over 75" wide (77"-80"), you have a queen size. Remember if you are buying a replacement futon mattress for your frame and are not sure which type of mattress to buy, please give us a call at:

(888) 212-3886

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grip strips non slip for your futon mattress
Portable Folding Japanese Tatami Mat
Our Price: $139.00 FREE SHIPPING
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King Size Tatami Mat
King Size Japanese Tatami Floor Mat
Our Price: $539.00 FREE SHIPPING

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Otis Bed is the leading manufacture of high density foam futon and platform bed mattresses. Unlike cheap imported foam from China, this high performance foam is industrial strength and will last 10 plus years with frequent usage. Unlike cotton based futon mattresses that are heavier and have rounded edges, Otis futon mattresses are lighter and have straight clean boxed edges. These foam mattresses have the same or even better comfort levels that your average conventional innerspring mattress at just a third of the price. These high performance foam mattresses are highly recommended for RV campers, tiny homes, mobile homes, sleeping lofts and small spaces. Lightweight, and easily movable, these mattresses are perfect weight for easy transport and moving.
Urban Futons features quality futons and convertible sofa beds designed for small spaces and urban living Dr. Futonberg, our expert futonlogist, guides you through the website and gives you the inside scoop and reviews on our products.